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The easiest professional scheduling software for film, TV and commercials

For production managers, first ADs, and even DIY producers, Showbiz Scheduling provides an extensive set of scheduling and production management tools which not only surpass those offered by market-leader, Movie Magic Scheduling, but also come without the heavy price-tag, dated interface, or draconian copy-protection. Key features include:


Finally, you can publish a professional quality call sheet, production report or exhibit "g" directly from the schedule. In addition, the program contains a crew list that allows users to generate the backs of these documents as well.

This feature alone liberates users from hours of daily drudgery, and can save a company the cost of the program in one day's overtime.


Different shapes indicate whether a scene or insert is being shot. Icons indicate everything from lunch to 2nd Unit. Even scenes are shaped differently to better indicate what's inside day, and what's outside night. No more pages of black and white rectangles that all look the same.


An intuitive layout perfect for both seasoned veterans and first time filmmakers. Drag-and-Drop Scheduling. Easy-to-navigate Breakdown Sheets. Direct import from Final Draft, Final Draft Tagger and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Element Linking. Locations linked to maps generated by Google Maps or MapQuest. Searchlight, our lightning-fast search utility.


A revolutionary new scheduling interface speeds up the ordering process. Sort on the right, drag to the days on the left. Don't just move a single scene around, shuffle days, without worrying about leaving strips behind. Prepare different board versions without worrying if the program saved it correctly.


Plan your pre-production and post-production with the same power and beauty as your shooting schedule. Drag icons on to the calendar to show when a costume fitting takes place, a camera test, or a location scout. Get everyone on the same page from day one.


Ever time out a schedule to figure out what time you'll be doing when? Of course you have; many producers insist on it. Now, with the "TimeOut" feature, plan out how long you'll really be spending on that 1/8 page scene and input it directly on to the schedule. Daybreaks add up both page count, and total estimated hours, letting you better judge your daily workload.

"TimeOut" is an optional feature, but we're sure it'll soon be an essential tool helping Assistant Directors organize their shoots.

The latest version now offers multiple strip Dragging and integration with Google Maps and MapQuest! The most dramatic release to date. Move single strips, groups, or entire days quickly and easily. Map locations without leaving the program. Customize your commercial strips just the way you like them.



  • Windows XP and Vista
  • Mac OS X Universal 10.4 (or higher)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 150 MB of hard disk space

    More Info

    Showbiz Scheduling was previously known as CompanyMOVE Showplanner.

    "When you're moving fast enough to shoot 12 pages in a 12 hour day, you need CompanyMOVE to free yourself up enough from the ever changing call sheets and schedules and keep up with the pace on set. I finally found something that can replace Movie Magic Scheduling. CompanyMOVE is the new benchmark for entertainment industry scheduling software."

    -- Richard Silva, Director's Guild of America (DGA) Assistant Director

    "CompanyMOVE has features that put it light years ahead of the other scheduling programs. It puts the call sheet and production report right where it should be, as part of the scheduling program, so your 2nd A.D. spends less time typing each day and more time on set."

    -- Larry Lerner, Director's Guild of America (DGA) Assistant Director