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DCT Gear Guide Vol. 3
(Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack)

DCT Actor's Training Guide (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack)

DCT Advanced Movie Production (8 DVDs)

Master Course in High-End Blocking and Staging

Visual Effects for Directors

The Digital Cinema Training advantage

Get over 47 hours of quality filmmaking education in one DVD course. Learn Scriptwriting, Formatting, Editing, Camera Operation, Lighting, Exposure, Audio, and Directing, all focused on Digital Movies.

The Pride of DCT, the new Gear Guide

A new addition to the DCT-MP family is the DCT-GG Gear Guide Volumes 1& 2. These DVD sets are a revolutionary training aid, because they allow you to step into the filmmaking manufacturers' headquarters and learn from the people who make the gear.

They will demo their gear, as well as give the filmmaker production tips they've learned in 20 years of experience helping filmmakers. No sales pitches, just raw savvy. We have not been paid to include any products or manufacturers in this series, thereby giving us full control over the method of presentation of the products.

Also, we have only included manufacturers we truly believe in, who manufacture first-rate gear for Hollywood professionals. For instance, Matthews Grip Equipment has won Academy Awards for their innovations supporting easier, safer and more creative filmmaking.

The Best gets Better, Gear Guide Vol. 2

The new addition to the Gear Guide family enhances your understanding of diffiucult concepts in filmmaking gear management. We have added Pedestals, to inform the student of the advantages of working with pedestals (Cartoni) over tripods in certain situations.

Also added is a complete section on batteries and the intricate differences between each chemical composition (NiMH, NiCD, and Li-ion). Also included for the filmmaker: Zoom controllers (Bebob), extensive matteboxes section (Chrosziel), Body-mounted non-steadicam types of camera supports (Pag Orbitor), Jibs and their axes (Cartoni), Underwater bags (Ewa-Marine), On-Camera lighting in tungsten and HMI, and Articulating arms (Noga).

The definitive guide for safe renting

As a new bonus, the set also includes the DCT Rental Guide, presented by Steve Tobenkin of Birns and Sawyer. B&S is the oldest movie rental house in Hollywood.

Mr. Tobenkin has the experience of working with Hollywood's top filmmaking contenders. He runs you through the steps neccessary to rent safely and securely, protect yourself and the gear, and avoid getting penalized for easily prevented mistakes. He goes through all the paperwork, principles, and rules of professional heavy caliber rentals for any filmmaker. When you're ready to rent big or small, the rental guide will get you there easier.

The Field Manual you'll keep for life

As part of your DCT-MP course, you will receive an arsenal of extras, including the DCT-FM1 Manual, which covers it all, from the science of Kelvin and Inverse Square Law to Composition rules and Lighting.

Don't get caught with your lights out

After 45 hours of filmmaking education on 33 DVDs, you may feel like you can't possibly remember everything you learned. That's where your Production First Aid accessories come in. The Pre-Production CD DCT-PCD helps you organize your gear the night before, and your thoughts on the way to the shoot.

The Production Checklist DCT-PCL helps make sure that your color temperature is set properly, audio system is functional, tripod is level, and about 30 more items crucial to going home with great footage. The manual has tons of reference information, like Kelvin Scales, Depth of Field relations, Inverse Square Law equation, and much more.


Step-by-step green and blue screen from lighting to post.

The Digital Cinema Training Compositing Guide will take you through the steps necessary to execute a high quality matted image with a foreground matched to the background plate with color, quality, and direction of lighting.

It will instruct you in the techniques of filming a proper background plate with the intent of placing a foreground subject into the same image.

Unlike other guides that simply teach you how to matte an image as in a Weather Report, this program goes farther. It teaches you how to create valid believable images to use in filmmaking, where the audience believes in the magic of the situation.

Learn audio production

The Intermediate Audio Guide extends the scope of the Digital Cinema Course audio content. This new DVD delves with further detail into difficult audio concepts and technologies.

Join Steve Joachim of Location Sound as he takes you through the audio gamut step by step and teaches conventions and wisdom learned through 20 years of experience: mic types, usage, and live tests.

Also covered are mic pickup patterns, mixers, phantom power, pads, roll off, sends, hard disk recorders, wireless systems, suspension mounts, and wind protection. The next time you run your own audio, you will be truly prepared.

The all-new DCT-AMP Advanced Movie Production Volume

The new crowning achievement of the Digital Cinema Course, which has taken 2 full years of work to complete is now included in the FULL COURSE.

Learn all about set etiquette, communication, decision-making, and real-life production. Watch how a production company made a full feature film, for little money, in only 12 days. Follow the crew as they work alongside motivated cast, a passionate director, and a jovial producer. Watch how the whole adventure unfolded, on 8 DVDs, for 15 hours of education and fun. No punches are pulled: You’ll see us going through all the highs and lows.

Get to know cast and crew like you never did before. Live life through their eyes. Share in their triumphs. See our very own Rush Hamden working as a cinematographer on a set, taking orders, doing his best. Witness the crew experiencing effects of fatigue, illness, and shortage of hands.

The finished film is an actual DVD that can be purchased from Amazon. As a bonus you'll get a fully searchable 67-page detailed minute by minute DVD Guide as a downloadable document.

The all-new DCT-ATG Actor's Training Guide

will strive to grow a work-and-prep ethic in you, help you learn your craft, illustrate how to find and interview an acting coach, and build a reputation that will serve you for years. Taught by Stephen Heu, who's led an acting and teaching career for over 40 years.

Available as a combo pack (1080p HD Blu-ray Disc and 480p SD DVD disc) with 2 hours of instructions and bonus materials.

Subjects covered in the Lesson segment: The Audition; the Sides; the Look; the Script; the Process; exploring the Character; finding Identity; Believability and the Organic Performance; the Struggle; Impressions and the Seasons; Subtext, content underneath the spoken dialog; Empathy, Living the moment; Inspiring other actors; Slowing down; Exercises; How to not abandon the character; Working on lessons; Honing our craft; The actor's goals and the audience's goals; Loaning emotions to a character; Catharsis; Dealing with separation anxiety; Stage and Film acting differences.

Subjects covered in the Performance segment: Holding the last look; Slowing down, taking a beat; Matching other actors' level; Retrieve then speak; Controlling the words; Proper breathing; Right to speak; To edit, criticize, or judge an actor; Stretching the emotion; Muscle for Continuing; Looking at an actor as part of the whole script, as part of your own emotional process; Involving the character; Intuition; Learning the process of rehearsal and abandoning the script; Find where your gifts are and utilize them to the fullest; Sharpening your tools; Understanding the process and the script, internalizing the information and LIVING the characters; using blocking to convey emotion.

The all-new Gear Guide Volume 3

Latest addition to the DCT Gear Guides, this new volume covers:

  • Arri Arrilite Open Face Instruments.
  • Arri LoCaster and BroadCaster
  • Arri M-18 1800W HMI PAR
  • Arri L7-C LED Fresnel
  • Rosco Labs Axiom and HO+ LED Instruments
  • MSE Grip DC-Slider
  • MSE Grip K-Stacker
  • Chrosziel's latest Matte boxes and Sunshades
  • Chrosziel Aladin II Wireless Lens Controller
  • Schneider Cine Xenar Prime Lenses
  • Kino Flo Tegra Fluorescent Lighting System
  • Genus 3D Stereo Camera Rig

    Plus many more technology primers.

    The Gear Guide is an introduction to filmmaking technology taught by the manufacturers who make the most popular, longest lasting gear. It's meant to bring you in contact with the gear before you can physically work with it. Imagine coming to Los Angeles, and having the benefit of meeting privately with the presidents and VPs of companies like Arri, Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE Grip), Kino Flo, Manfrotto (Bogen) and Schneider Optics.

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